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Beitrittsdatum: 23. Mai 2022


UK: Gambling industry reports strong gains

It can certainly be said without equivocation that the UK gambling market is perhaps the most powerful market in recent years. All this activity is regulated by the British Gambling Commission. However, the latter not only monitors, but also analyzes - and has now presented a report on the developments in the industry over the past three years. This much can be revealed: The results are outstanding.

Growth after growth in the industry

How well is the UK gambling industry really doing? If a report from the Gambling Commission is anything to go by, it's doing very well. The British gambling authority has now published this report to show the developments in the gambling industry in recent years. This is done on a regular basis, with periods of three years being evaluated in each case. And in the last three years, the gambling industry has been able to enjoy a big plus of 4.2 percent in total gaming revenue compared to the previous period. In "hard figures", this means revenues of around EUR 16.2 billion for the industry, with almost all areas recording growth in recent years.

Online gaming has quite clearly developed into a rock-solid trend in recent years and has been able to increase its market share to a full 37 percent. But that's not all, because the online market again recorded an increase of a strong 12.8 percent compared to the previous three years. Online companies are said to have taken in around six billion euros in the last three years alone, with the majority coming from オンラインカジノ ソフトウェア sports betting and online casinos. Thus the incomes rose with on-line Casinos by more than 54 per cent to approximately 3.2 billion euro. In the case of sports betting, the increase is still almost 39 percent, so that around 2.4 billion euros have been earned here in the past three years.

The British prefer to play slot machines

According to the UKGC report, the Brits' favorite game is playing various slot machines on the Internet. Online slots, for example, generated growth of almost 70 percent alone, reporting revenues of around EUR 2.2 billion. It's a bit less for table games like roulette and blackjack online. However, these land right behind slot machines and slots with revenues of around 345 million euros. Classic slot machines, which can therefore be found in stationary casinos, were able to increase their revenue to two billion euros, while the land-based sector recorded overall growth of 4.1 percent, generating revenue of around 3.3 billion euros.

When it comes to novomaticオンラインカジノのソフトウェア sports betting, soccer betting can be described as the most popular port of call for the English. Soccer betting was able to increase its total revenue to 1.1 billion euros, with horse betting in second place with revenues of around 677 million euros.

Special case of off-course betting

Although things are currently looking very good for the industry as a whole, there is also a small special case with off-course betting. Here, too, fat increases have been recorded in recent years, so that earnings of around 3.4 billion euros could be achieved. These off-course bets are placed at the so-called fixed odds betting terminals, which in the meantime could be found all over the country in Great Britain. Here, however, players can not only place bets on sports betting, but also do so on roulette. And there's no shortage of them: 100 pounds is the upper limit for a round bet, so horrendous turnovers are possible within a very short time. However, this is exactly what the politicians are bothered about, which is why the maximum stake at the fixed odds betting terminals is to be limited to two pounds. For this reason, experts assume that at least this branch will have to record declines in the coming years. Already, numerous stores have closed their doors, and in view of the powerful competition from the Internet, more establishments are likely to follow.

So it is mainly those providers who make their business available on the Internet who can be really satisfied with the past three years. This is also reflected in the number of accounts opened, which has risen by 14.4 percent since April 2015. In other words, more than 35 million Britons have opened an account with an online gaming provider since then.

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