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Ultrasonic facial equipment with lifting effect

Ultrasonic waves are sound waves with a frequency of vibration exceeding 18,000 Hz per second that cannot be heard by the human ear. Ultrasonic is the most major type of facial equipment and there are many types.

When you see the notation XX Hz or XX MHz on a facial device, it refers to the number of vibrations. 1 Hz means one vibration per second, and 1 MHz means one million vibrations per second. As I will explain later, the number of vibrations is a very important point in choosing a facial beauty device.

Basically, ultrasonic facial equipment can be used for the whole body. However, there are different vibration frequencies suitable for body and face use, so do not use one for the body on the face.

0.1.1 The following is a summary of the effects of ultrasound.

The Pompage Effect The pompage effect refers to the effect of vibrations that cause disparate cells to align neatly. By aligning the cells, it promotes blood circulation and improves swelling. It is also expected to have a lifting effect.

If you have stiff shoulders, it is recommended to apply it to your shoulders to soften your shoulder muscles.

Fat burning effect It activates lipase, a lipolytic enzyme, and promotes lipolysis. In addition, it also activates a substance called deconjugated protein, which is found in mitochondria and wastes fat, thus promoting fat burning.

Pore cleansing The intense vibration dissolves the oil in the pores by friction and emulsifies it with the gel used to remove it.

Promotion of metabolism and whitening effect The pompage effect activates cells and promotes blood circulation, which in turn excretes wastes and promotes metabolism. In other words, blood circulation is improved and whitening effects can be expected.

In this way, it has high lifting and whitening effects on the skin, and swelling improvement and fat burning effects on the body.

Which is better for fat burning, radio waves or ultrasound?

As you can see, radio waves and ultrasound both have "fat burning effects. So, which one is more effective for people who want to lose weight?

The conclusion is that it is ultrasound. This is because ultrasound is more effective immediately because the vibration activates the hormone catecholamine and deconjugated protein, which have fat-burning effects, to promote fat burning.

On the contrary, radio waves warm up the body and promote blood circulation, but it takes longer.

Incidentally, if you want to use an ultrasonic facial device for weight loss, it is better to use it during the day when you are more active than at night.

How to choose an effective ultrasonic facial cleanser

The number of vibrations used in ultrasonic facial tool differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Basically, the lower the number of vibrations, the deeper it reaches. Most of the ones used in salons have a frequency of about 2 to 4 million vibrations, which does not reach too deep, so it can be used for a long time with less stimulation to the skin.

On the contrary, most of the products sold in the market have a low frequency of 500,000 to 1,000,000 vibrations. The number of vibrations is reduced so that the effect can be seen immediately. You can feel the effect, but be careful because it can also cause sagging if used for a long time.

Also, the number of vibrations is proportional to the price, as the more vibrations the facial device has, the more complicated the structure.

The best choice for the face is an ultrasonic facial device that vibrates 2 million times per second. This vibration frequency is recommended for those who want to experience the effects of a salon at home, as it is gentle on the skin and fully effective. It can also be used for a long time.

In addition, burst sound waves, which are not a thin stimulus but a mass of sound waves that create a difference in height, are especially recommended because they are 3 to 50 times more effective than ordinary ultrasonic facial equipment. Even if it is not called a burst sound wave, it is recommended because it is more effective when there is a difference in height.

On the other hand, if the number of vibrations is too small, it may reach too deep into the skin and cause it to sag.


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